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Critical Thinking PJM 410

Review the article Calming the Data Storm: A Risk Management Model for Mitigating Risks and then answer the questions that follow. Your responses should be thorough and include at least three references from outside sources (other than your textbooks and course materials).


Analyze the risks associated with the development of a records management system; describe the steps involved in implementing such a system. Suppose you were a consultant hired to build a data system for the US Department of Education. Given the green light to start the project, list ten steps you would take to reduce initial risks inherent to such a large project.    What are the warning signs of impending failure in designing a data management project? Are these signs recognizable so that problems are foreseen and addressed? Take a position and argue its merits.

In addition write a 150-word letter to a company CEO justifying the importance of a risk-based approach to records management. Back up your answer with references from the readings and at least two outside sources.

Be sure to follow CSU-Global’s policies on college level writing (CSU-Global APA), and demonstrate your knowledge of risk management. 

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