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CRMJ 415 Week 2 Assignment Short Article Analysis

This paper of CRMJ 415 Week 2 Assignment Short Article Analysis includes:

From your Week 1 work you will know where to find articles about your chosen topic. Retrieve full texts of three of these articles including at least one from EBSCOHost in the DeVry Online Library. The article contents are the data for your Week 2 homework.

Note 1: You must assess the website-based articles for credibility and there is a link to an article explaining how to do this in Webliography.

Note2: This assignment will eventually become the part of your final literature review. Your References Cited section will grow as your project proceeds.

Note 3: You must use Microsoft Word and double-space in 10 pt. font.

Graded Product. Write summary the contents of each of the three articles and report the general theme or themes you have discovered. This can be done in less than 300 words including citations in APA format within the text and at the end of your analysis.

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