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CRMJ 415 Week 6 Assignment Literature Review

This file of CRMJ 415 Week 6 Assignment Literature Review covers:

Your final product incorporates the work that you did in Weeks 1 and 2 into a larger document that builds on the earlier material.

Locate not less than six additional articles from the sources located in the Overview of the Project above. You may also use the Goode textbook as one information resource. If you choose to use Internet articles they cannot be from dictionary, encyclopedia or article search websites like Find Article. Blogs, Wikipedia and the websites of other universities are strictly off limit according to DeVry policy. Your literature review must thus contain at least nine credible information resources. Remember to assess the credibility of any Internet resource used.

Note 1: As a general guideline it takes at least 1000 words to produce a satisfactory document that is worthy of the 155 points available for this final part of the course project. You are free to write more if you perceive that additional content is necessary to produce a document that is satisfactory to you.

Note 2: Your document must be done in Microsoft Word, double-spaced and in 10 pt. font.

Note 3: CAUTION: The Literature Review is subject to being evaluated for originality. DeVry instructors obtain an originality score from that is used as a measure of how much of your document is your own original writing. Conversely it measures how much of your content is lifted more-or-less directly from the intellectual property of another person, which constitutes plagiarism. As you know plagiarism is a potentially serious academic offence so you will want to familiarize yourself again with the Syllabus in Course Home where this is discussed.

Graded Product. The literature review should represent your best academic writing and work. Pay careful attention to paragraphing, sentence structure, quotation conventions, spelling, grammar, organization, punctuation, citation protocol, and other aspects of style and content. Remember to proofread thoroughly.

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