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Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation

DirectionsConsider and explain the communication and negotiation utilized by Toyota, when referring to the “Internet Exercise: Working Effectively at Toyota” on page 236 in the textbook. Complete this assignment by answering the following questions:

1) What type of communication and negotiation challenges do you think you would face if you worked for Toyota and were in constant communication with home-office personnel in Japan?

2) What type of communication training do you think the firm would need to provide to you to ensure that you were effective in dealing with senior-level Japanese management in the Hierarchy?

3) Using Table 7-1 as your guide, what conclusions can you draw regarding communicating with the Japanese managers, and what guidelines would you offer to a non-Japanese employee who just entered the firm and is looking for advice and guidance regarding how to communicate and negotiate more effectively?

Write a one to two page paper summarizing your findings. The written summary should be double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font. You will need to cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper. Though the paper need not be in APA format, the citations at the end do.

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