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Cross Cultural Management w2 DQ

D2-1To help students understand the concept of power and privilege and its impact on our lives view the Rank and Privilege Activity presentation. After viewing, discuss the following questions.

1.      If you were involved in this activity where would your final place in the group be?

2.      How would it feel to move forward or backward from the line?

3.      What insights did you gain from watching the video and understanding its impact on you?

4.      Did you understand the importance of each question asked and why it had a forward or backward movement?

5.      Do you think the positions we are in were earned or not?

The reality is that we are now wherever we are. The question is: how to use the position to be a better ally? Your recommendations.

D2-2After reading chapter 5 (see attachment for chapter 5) and conducting additional research provide a recommendation that you would give to management to help create collaboration between diverse employees.

Provide detailed information on why you feel this particular recommendation for collaboration is important, and how collaboration activities could be implemented. Please do not use any of the headings from the textbook, but rather expand beyond these headings with your own research.

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