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CRT 205 Week 2 Ambiguous Claims Quiz I

This document of CRT 205 Week 2 Ambiguous Claims Quiz I includes answers to the next questions:

1. "A claim whose ambiguity is due to the ambiguity of a particular word or phrase."2. "A claim whose ambiguity is due to a problem with its structure."3. "A claim whose ambiguity rests on a confusion between a collection of entities or individual entities."4. This morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas.5. Hands were around before forks were.6. Our mothers bore us.7. I thought your driveway was longer than it is.8. Newspaper headline: Unskilled Workers Get Shot at Jobs.9. Americans have shown themselves willing to drop nuclear weapons.10. Dad, for my lunch tomorrow you should peel the star fruit and then cut it into pieces and put them in a plastic bag. It's easier that way.11. Sign in front of a vacant lot: "Fine for Littering".

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