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CRT 205 Week 2 Claims and Arguments Quiz

This pack of CRT 205 Week 2 Claims and Arguments Quiz shows the solutions to the following problems:

1. Which of the following statements concerning the nature of critical thinking is most accurate?2. Which of the following most accurately completes this sentence? "A claim is a statement that is..."3. Which of the following sentences is not a claim?4. Which of the following best completes this sentence? "When a sentence has a truth value, we mean that it..."5. Which of the following is a good way to state an issue in neutral terms?6. Generally speaking, which of these statements best represents the relationship between issues and topics of conversation?7. Which of the following offers the best identification of "abortion"?8. An argument comprises which of the following?9. It is fair to say that the word "claim" and the word "sentence" have exactly the same meaning.10. It is fair to say that critical thinking is mainly concerned with the determination of whether to accept, reject, or suspend judgment about claims.11. In order to have an "issue" there must be a dispute between at least two parties.12. It is fair to say that an issue and a topic of conversation are the same thing.13. Critical thinking is concerned with both facts and opinions.14. It is fair to say that any controversial matter is subjective.15. It is fair to conclude that beliefs, opinions, views, and convictions are essentially the same things.

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