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Cultural Competency and Communication Interactive Analysis Resources * Cultural Competency and Communication Interactive Analysis Scoring Guide. *...

* Lake City Scenario 4.

In this assignment, apply what you learned to address two new scenarios.

The scene: "Lake City Hospital in the northeast United States." Read the background document to refresh your mind about the nature of the specific health care organization.

Analyze Scenario 3, using the Scenario Analysis template to the extent that you find it useful.

Analyze Scenario 4, using the Scenario Analysis template as you see fit.

Come to specific conclusions about how to improve cross-cultural communication.

Part 1: Provide your written analysis of each situation in paragraph form, addressing the following questions in each case:

* What diversity, cultural competency, health literacy, and limited English proficiency (LED) communications did you identify?

* What were your first impressions of the effectiveness of the communication?

Identify and discuss two important issues or barriers that may affect patient safety (quality of care), positive or negative.

Considering cultural communications obstacles, how effective was inter-cultural communications?

Part 2: Prepare to take a seat in the top management meeting at Lake City Hospital. In a 1 page, write a summary report on the key issues you believe must be addressed to improve communication at the hospital. Include the following in your report:

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