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Topic 1: Use of Force

Discuss police use of force and the laws surrounding that use of force. Give at least two cases where use of force was the key issue.

Topic 2: Reflection

Take this opportunity to exchange any additional information and ideas relevant to this week's Scenario Project.

Topic 3: Officer’s Discretion

Police are often faced with situations each day in which they must make decisions. Police officers have the discretion to make their own decisions. In your own words, explain the term “discretion” and how does it apply to law enforcement? How important is professionalism during a traffic stop by a police officer? During a routine traffic stop, how important is proper communication between a driver and a police officer.

Topic 4: Patrol and Investigative Traffic Stops

Watch the video on a traffic stop. In the video, an officer is not treating a female driver professionally; what mistakes did he make? How important are traffic stops as a patrol and investigative strategy for officers in the community? What responsibility should a driver have when stopped by police while driving? Is it important to communicate with community members how to react during a traffic stop?

ABC 7. (2014, October 7). Hammond police accused of excessive force in traffic stop. Retrieved from http://abc7chicago.com/news/hammond-pd-accused-of-excessive-force/340230/

300 or less words max for each question.

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