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dat that is found in the R:Stat344\sas folder on the ASCL server. (Note that it is not in the Rawlings sub-folder.

The final assignment involves the data set cars.dat that is found in the R:Stat344sas folder on the ASCL server. (Note that it is not in the Rawlings sub-folder.)The data are concerned with a number of automobiles. The columns represent the following variables:Fuel consumption (L/100 km)Engine displacement (cm3)HorsepowerVehicle weight (kg)Type of transmissionYour task is to describe how the response variable "fuel consumption" can be described in terms of the other variables. What is a useful way of modelling the relationship? Would any transformations of variables be advised? Are there any peculiar data points or variables? What can you conclude from the data?You may use whatever methods you deem suitable for this assignment. Write up the analysis as a report, describing what you did, and what are your conclusions. Include any computer output that is essential to your presentation, but do not include unnecessary material.

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