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Data that is useful in answering this question: Sn# + 2e -gt; Sn2+ E = 0.150 V Agt + e gt; Ag(s) E = 0.799 V AgCl(s) + e -gt; Ag(s) + Cl E =...

i want the solution for this question. It is about the elctrochemisty

Data that is useful in answering this question:Sn# + 2e -> Sn2+E = 0.150 VAgt + e" > Ag(s)E = 0.799 VAgCl(s) + e -> Ag(s) + ClE = 0.222 VGas constant (R) = 8.314 J K- mol-], Faraday constant (F)= 96,500 C mol-].For the following cell:Pt/Sn4+ (0.065 M), Sn2+ (0.12 M) // Ag* (0.0015 M)/Ag1 )Sketch a schematic of the cell; indicate the anode, cathode, and electrolyte of the cell,and the flow direction of electrons. [0.5 mark each = total of 2 marks]ii)Write the reaction at each electrode, and a balanced overall equation. [3 marks]iii)Derive the Nernst equation for each electrode, and calculate the Ecell. [3 marks]iv)Calculate the Gibbs free energy change, AG, and indicate whether the cell iselectrolytic or galvanic. [2 marks]
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