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Database Design

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database design need to job done have two HND/HNC Unit need to done 

each units words required 3500 Words

Deatil of job

1.1 Analyze the key issues and application of databases within organizational environments A database is a structured organization of files according to a specific data model. The relational data model is the base of what we call Relational Databases. Replacement of static files - Clear separation between the logical and physical representation of the data. Relational Databases represent better the domain-universe. Its easier to add, remove/delete, update and associate data. Easy to search for specific data or to sort them. Several open source and commercial implementations of the database concepts, named as Database Management Systems. The relation data model for databases helps for resolving common errors like: data duplication, unneeded data redundancy, non optimized data relation Databases are being used from the strong majority of any model application: Web Applications: Using the 3-tier architecture, web based applications like social media platform, banking services and many more, are utilizing database resources for managing their data. Mobile Applications: Native Mobile Applications are using database systems considering mobile-computing limitations, such as battery and disk resources. SQLite is an example of such mobile friendly database: https://www.sqlite.org/ In more detail, we meet an application of databases in all the following examples: Ticket (Air) Booking Chat Applications recording conversations Any user-login functionality.

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