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DB 2

Blogs are an important source of news for millions, and professional blogging has been a path to wealth and fame for many people.  The corporate blog is the centerpiece of a well-developed content strategy that goes across all platforms.  Understanding how to utilize blogging, streaming video, podcasts, and webinars to position a brand and to generate business is an essential skill for successful SMM.  Videos are highly engaging to customers and consequently have become an important marketing too.  Marketers find success with captivating videos on various platforms that welcome both long- and short-form creations.  When a video goes viral, the marketer experiences a huge windfall.

This assignment fulfills/supports

Upon successful completion of Module Three, you will have...

  • Defined content marketing
  • Defined a blog, podcast, webinar, and the concept of video streaming
  • Explained the marketing benefits of this type of content
  • Described the history of blogging, podcasting, webinars, and video streaming
  • Described why everyone is a publisher on the social web
  • Detailed how to market with podcasts, blogs, webinars, and video streaming
  • Explained the place video marketing can play in the digital marketing mix
  • Discussed the pros and cons of viral videos
  • Described how consumer use of television and video are changing
  • Explained benefits of marketing with online videos
  • Discussed some of the major video platforms
  • Detailed how to create appealing video content

Course Outcome 1-6 You will have......

  • Evaluated the role of social media marketing and explained how to create social media goals and strategies.
  • Identified the importance of targeting audiences.
  • Described types of social media platforms with emphasis on social networking.
  • Explained social media monitoring.
  • Described what social media marketing tools are and how they can be used.
  • Seen how Hootsuite can make managing social media easier.

General Education Competency 1,2,3,4 & 5 You will have.....

  • Communicated effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.
  • Used critical thinking to analyze problems and make logical decisions.
  • Demonstrated socialization skills that support cultural awareness and a global perspective.
  • Demonstrated quantitative competencies.
  • Demonstrated computer literacy.


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Grading Criteria

For a top score, you must respond constructively to at least two other students. More extensive participation will be noted.  Post your opening response to the questions by Thursday night so that others have time to respond to you.  The entire DB assignment including your replies to classmates is due by Monday night.  This Assignment is worth 100 points (100%).

The PromptRespond to the following discussion questions for this module:

What are the advantages of marketing with online videos?

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