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DDBA 8580 Final Paper

The name of the organization is Wal mart

Each section will need 5 pages for a total of 15 pages

As you write Section 2 of your Final Paper, consider the variables that influence organizational capacity, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, alliances, and partnerships in building organizational agility and capacity. As you evaluate potential models of partnerships and alliances for your chosen organization, note the variables that impact and influence them (e.g., size, culture, or mission). Acknowledge other models HR professionals use in assessing different types of business partnerships and evaluating opportunities to create organizational leverage.

As you write Section 3 of your Final Paper, consider the negotiations and leadership competencies that are needed for optimal alternative delivery oversight. Drawing upon and applying the insights you have gained from this 2-week unit’s learning activities and your own academic research, create an implementation plan for the elements that require oversight in partnerships and alliances, and which will support the competencies brought to the table by your organization’s HR

As you compile, edit, and finalize the three main sections of your paper and build your flowchart, identify the processes you might recommend to organizational leaders for critiquing and improving business practices. Explain how you would design a decision-making process flow to evaluate key elements in using partnering or outsourcing to build agility and capacity in your chosen organization.

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