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DDBA 8582 Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliographies

Assignment for Human Resource Tutors Only

Please prepare a minimum of 15 annotated bibliographies pertaining to the following  seven bullets of information

The name of the company is Wal-Mart

·         Analyze how an HR SWOT analysis drives an HR operating plan 

·         Analyze HR’s change management roles as part of an HR operating plan 

·         Analyze the effect of workforce diversity on change management plans

·         Identify literature related to aligning strategies 

  • Analyze HR audit in relation to strategy formation 
  • Analyze organizational mission and vision in creating an HR vision with HR strategies for the operating plan 
  • Analyze gap analysis between existing HR strategy and organizational strategy 

The bibliographies should ahere to APA 6th edition guidelines and should all be

dated within the last five years.

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