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Debt ratios Long term debt to Equity The amount of long term debt on a company's balance sheet is crucial. It refers to money the company owes that...

* Financial AnalysisUsing the publicly traded company that you have been reviewing, address the following: 1. Give a profile of the company. What is its dominant sourse of revenue ? Compare the following to the industry average or to a comparable competitor : Total sales (latest year)Total assets (end of last fiscal year)Market capitalization2. Review the income statement over the last three fiscal years.What has changed ?To what can you attest the change ? 3. Review the Balance sheet over the last two years (end of fiscal year).What has notably changed ? Review the cash flow statement, and explain the change in the cash account.4. Using fundamental analysis, review the crucial ratios in the following categories : Liquidity Asset management Debt Interest coverage Profitablility What do you anticipate will be the outcome for the company by the end of the current fiscal year ? Do you forecast improvement or loss ? I can pay 80 $ for this work !

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