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Personality Assessment

The following self-assessments allow you to learn more about yourself.

Emotional Intelligence:

  •  Psychtests
  • Maetrix

Decision-Making Style:

  • Self-assessment 7.8: What is your preferred decision making style?
  • How good is your decision-making?

Leadership Assessment:

  •  Leadership skills assessment questionnaire
  • The leadership motivation assessment: How motivated are you to lead? 

These instruments feature behavioral questionnaires that address a variety of personal attributes such as personality, emotional intelligence, communication abilities, motivation, and decision-making. The overall expectation is that these instruments will provide you with value-added results that will later allow you to hone your skills as a solid decision-maker and leader. 


  • Take at least one emotional intelligence test, one leadership assessment, and one decision-making assessment from the links included in this assignment.
  • In a 4-6 page essay, discuss the assessments you chose. Discuss the outcomes of the assessments by specifically addressing how they reflect, define, and assess personality and how personality, emotional intelligence, and decision-making impact organizational contributions and leadership.
  • How do the assessments inform the following questions: How do emotional intelligence, leadership, and decision-making contribute to the effectiveness of one’s role in an organization? What common biases might impact decision-making? How can one become a more effective leader and decision-maker?
  • Use at least two scholarly sources and information from the module to support your essay. All work should be formatted according to APA style guidelines.
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