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Deductive or Inductive?

Deductive or Inductive?

While sitting in a large waiting area of a car dealer, Leslie notices that the walls are lined with a number of photographs of various landscapes, sunsets, mountains and forest scenes. The closest framed photograph, which is about 18” by 30”, is priced at $199.00. Without getting up, Leslie reasons that all the other photographs in the waiting area must be the same price since their subject matter is similar, all the frames are the same quality, and they all appear to be the same size.

 Is this deductive or inductive reasoning? 

If you think it is deductive, how good is this argument? Is it deductively valid and sound?

If you think the argument is inductive, is it a strong inductive argument?

Are there any logical fallacies involved in Leslie’s reasoning?

Be sure to explain and justify all your answers to the above questions, Please make sure that your writing is concrete, clear and concise and built on substance rather than overtone.

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