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Defeasance a. Allows CMBS borrowers to sell properties without any prepayment penalties, unlike yield maintenance requirements b. Concept which...

Please answer the following multiple choice questions.

4. Defeasancea. Allows CMBS borrowers to sell properties without any prepayment penalties,unlike yield maintenance requirementsb. Concept which allows REIT unsecured debt to be fully prepayable withoutpenaltiesc. Allows CMBS borrowers to substitute a RE property of their choice to replacethe sale of a CMBS propertyd. Provides no options to prepay a loan in advance of the maturity datee. Permits CMBS borrowers to submit qualified U.S. government securities tosubstitute for the sold Real Estate propertyf. None of the above5. Dodd Frank required a 5% Retention on the total CMBS Issuances. Assuming aCMBS with Real Estate values of $1.5 billion supporting total loans and bonds at a60% LTV and where the AAA bonds are $810 million and the B piece $63 million theother tranches $27 million, the required Retention by Dodd Frank is:a. $75 millionb. $45 millionc. $3.15 milliond. $40.5 millione. $1.35 million
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