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Defend Your Position This week Mrs.

Defend Your Position This week Mrs. Ashland has been asked to be a part of a shared decision-making opportunity in an effort to adopt a center wide informal assessment tool that is developmentally appropriate for preschool children. Use this information to help develop your assignment Read the 3 headings and scenarios which present various current controversies in early education. Choose one of the arguments and then choose a side of the argument to defend using your content knowledge, knowledge of developmentally appropriate assessment practices presented in Chapter 5, critical thinking and personal philosophy.Heading 1: Are Formal Standardized Tests acceptable to use in preschool?Standardized Recess ImageHeading 2: Do you think teachers are adequately prepared to use assessment data to make instructional decisions?Positive for StressHeading 3: Should there be a form of on-going informal assessment at the infant/toddler levels?ECE Standardized Assessment scheduleChosen argument - Are Formal Standardized Tests acceptable to use in preschool?Assessment is the ongoing process which includes collecting, synthesizing, and interpreting theinformation about the...
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