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Deregulation versus anti-competitive conduct: are these two dependent or interdependent?

Course Project

Outline (due) - In Week 3, you will hand in the outline for your course project.

What’s required:

  1. the title page, topic and description from assignment #1.
  2. a basic Roman numeral outline of the main points you will cover in your paper. This outline is not supposed to be incredibly detailed, but it should provide evidence that you have reasoned out how your paper will unfold. Here is an example:
    1. Introduction: The Impact of the Internet on Democracy in China.
    2. Historical Points in the Development of the Internet.
      1. The Internet and the Free Exchange of Ideas.
      2. The Internet and the Global Market.
    3. Chinese Regulation of Internet Usage.
      1. The Internet as a Threat to China’s Government.
      2. Chinese Control over Search Engines.
    4. The Population Backlash.
      1. How does the Chinese Public Respond to Government Control of the Internet?
      2. The Question of Chinese College Students.
    5. What is the Future of the Internet in China?
    6. Conclusion: Will the Internet Make China More Democratic?
    There is not a great deal of writing in this assignment, but you should clearly indicate that you have your thoughts organized. At this point, don't worry about the structure of the outline deviating from your final paper - it probably will; just submit an outline that is reasonably complete given the current state of your research.
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