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Develop the proposal requested by Jason, include the following seven considerations:

Develop the proposal requested by Jason, include the following seven considerations:

  1. Synthesize what you learned from being in charge of HR for a small business that you would like to try to implement at ABC.
  2. Analyze the challenges of working in HR for a larger business like ABC that need to be addressed to better align the HR function with the new strategic direction.
  3. Evaluate each HR functional area to determine what changes will be needed to align with and support the new strategic direction (Refer to Appendix B for assistance):
  4. Functional Area #1: Talent Acquisition & Retention
  5. Functional Area #3: Learning & Development
  6. Functional Area #4: Total Rewards
  7. Functional Area #6: Organizational Effectiveness & Development
  8. Functional Area #11: Diversity & Inclusion
  9. Functional Area #15: Business & HR Strategy
  10. Integrate the cultural considerations discussion important to Jason into the proposal.
  11. inform business case that includes the business objectives you hope to achieve by aligning the HR organization with the new strategic direction, with a strong focus on growth.
  12. Analyze legal and ethical considerations related to the functional areas covered.
  13. Create 3 to 5 frequently asked questions(FAQ) with answers in preparation for discussions with other members of Jason's executive leadership team.
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