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Developing Effective Communication Skills & Professional Presentation Skills

Step 1: 

Choose one of the following topics that you are interested in:

Effective use of cross-cultural communications in a multicultural setting

Providing effective and professional constructive feedback to peers or in a leadership role

The benefits and use of effective listening skills

Using nonverbal and verbal communication skills to effectively express and represent yourself

Step 2: 

Choose an audience for your presentation.

For example, perhaps you are in a leadership role at Y Company and you want to train others on how to provide professional constructive feedback. Therefore, your audience could be managers at Y Company.

Based on who your audience is, think about knowledge that they most likely will already have.

Step 3: 

Download and complete the Unit 2 IP Template 

Within the template, you will fill in specific information in both the slide and notes section. This will serve as a rough draft and set you up to produce a final presentation in the Unit 4.

Please provide at least 3 solid outside references to support your presentation.

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