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Digital marketing strategy

Assessment Brief in detail

The site that you will be creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for will be

The Digital Marketing strategy will require 2 tactics as a minimum one will be a Social Media Marketing plan.

1. Introduction – a brief outline of who they are, what their current online presence and Digital Marketing strategy is (if any), who their audience is and where they are online

2. Research – get as much information on the current state of their online presence and digital marketing strategy

• Know Their Business:

i. Identify their Product/services

ii. Identify what channels/platforms they are currently doing Digital Marketing on. Provide details on how you found this information

iii. Gather data on how they are performing on those channels/platforms. Provide details on how you found this information

• Know Their Customer:

i. Identify their target audience(s) and describe them. Explain why

ii. Identify where their customers can be found on various channels/platforms. Provide details on how you found this information

• Know Their Competition: Analyse their Competition

i. Provide a competitive analysis of at least 1 direct competitor

• Know Their Goals: What do they want their customers to do?

i. What Goals/CTAs is their site designed to have visitors do

3. Analysis – based on your research above,

• Are they targeting the right audience? Why?

• Are they on the right channels/platforms? Why?

• Are they utilising those channels/platforms effectively? Why?

4. Strategy - Based on your analysis above, suggest your own strategy for that brand and explain

• which channels and platforms would best suit and why

• which audience would best suit and whY

• what actions should they take and why

• what targets and timelines should they aim for (assume €5k budget and 3 month campaign) and why

5. Measurement - Suggest ways that they can measure and monitor their performance

• Identify key metrics that would be important to track and explain why

• Identify measurement tools that can collect data on suggested platforms and explain what they do

Document structure should be based on the above sections ... Introduction, Research, Analysis, Strategy and Measurement ... pretend you are presenting this work directly to the company ... make sure you would feel proud to deliver the strategy to them.

While there is no firm maximum or minimum word limit, you should be aiming for 2000 - 6000 Words (and images) … please try to be as concise as possible

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