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Directions Part One: Compare and contrast what is meant in instructional design by the terms "goals", "program objectives", "learning objectives", and "performance objectives." What are the difference

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Part One: Compare and contrast what is meant in instructional design by the terms "goals", "program objectives", "learning objectives", and "performance objectives." What are the differences and similaritiesand when are each of these used in the development of instruction? Explain how they inter-relate and why performance objectives are valuable to the designer and to the teacher for learning and assessment.

Part Two: In your paper, use the following scenario todiscuss the four terms and write a goal, program objective(s), learning objective(s), and performance objective(s)that would be used to respond to the scenario. Use bold words to develop your headings.

SCENARIO: The Fine Learning Academy has received a grant to incorporate technology into all of its classrooms. This will include iPads and/or laptops for all of its 300 students and 20 teachers, high speed internet access, and a new school-wide communications network. Most of the faculty are proficient with technology, but a few lag behind and all of them can benefit from assistance inlearning how to use iPads for teaching and learning. The Principal and a small task force of three teachers are charged with developing training for the faculty. In considering how to start: What are the program goals?  Program objectives? Learning objectives? Performance objectives? Develop at least one of each.

Define the relevant terms and cite your resources   for those definitions.If you use our textbook please do not only   paraphrase the content.Add your own graduate level analysis.If you use another source make sure it is credible   and reliable (Wikipedia is not considered reliable, for example) and use APA   format to cite it.

Respond fully to the question. (Be sure to clearly   respond to all parts.)

Introduce the topic: Why is this subject important   to the education and instructional design?T ake a stand and/or summarize your response. Why do you   believe your analysis or product would most effectively serve the purposes   proposed in the prompt?

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