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Discussion week 8

Let's talk about the Case Response paper you just completed--the Harlequin Case.  Questions I'm interested in discussing are:


Apply the VRIO framework to Harlequin in series romance fiction.  Why has Harlequin been so successful?


--What is your assessment of Harlequin’s value chain?  How does Harlequin create and capture value?

--How difficult is it to imitate what Harlequin does in series fiction?  Why?  How likely are competitors to imitate Harlequin? 

What is your assessment of the single-title market opportunity for Harlequin?

--Does Harlequin have the necessary capabilities to compete in this market?

--Can Harlequin create a competitive advantage in single-series fiction?


Should Harlequin enter the single series market?




I know your paper was only about the VRIO and your recommendation; however, let's discuss these other aspects as well.  I don't expect you to answer all these questions.  Pick a couple and offer your thoughts and ideas.  What I'm really looking for is your discussion with each other.  I want you to read other answers and offer your opinions on a few of them. 

(450-500 words   3 citation)

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  • *** Harlequin brand *** **** so successful ******* ** several ******* ** *** ****** ********** ******* ** the **** Romance *** the **** ****** *** *** **** *** ***** ********* has ******* ** *** ******* ********** ** the women ******* ******* series around the *****
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