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Discriminant Analysis in Literature

Locate a research article on a topic of interest that analyzes results using discriminant analysis. A good search strategy is to use the keywords "discriminant analysis" in quotes and then to include a topic keyword of interest, such as "self-esteem." In the assignment, you will describe the general purpose of the research, making sure you identify the hypotheses of the study and the predictor and outcome variables. You will also include a discussion of the results of the discriminant analysis.

In your response, make sure you:

  • Describe the general purpose of the research, including the main hypothesis under study.
  • Describe the predictor and outcome variables of interest.
  • Examine the results of this analysis by identifying the significance of the overall test, which specific predictors were significant, and which specific predictors were not significant.
  • Provide an overall statement of what was learned from the results of the specific analysis.
  • Compile your responses in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document.

Cite your sources on a separate page using APA format.

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