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Discucation homework

The Instractions for the homework:

!- read chapter 1&2 from the book and get information from the chapters.

2- watch the viedos and get information from the viedos 

3- After you watch the viedos and read the book and get information from both answer the 3 questions dwon.

Overview of healthcare project challenges

About this video

Working in the healthcare sector is one of the toughest environments for project managers. In this video, Bob McGannon discusses the significant challenges with working on a healthcare project including: the 24x7 environment, working with passionate healthcare professionals, needing foolproof backups for everything, and working in a highly regulated environment.

https://www.lynda.com/Project-Management-tutorials/Overview-healthcare-project-challenges/450187/550723-4.html (Links to an external site.)

Don Berwick on Leadership in Health Care

IHI: Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Links to an external site.)

https://youtu.be/Yz73vBtSFSc (Links to an external site.)

What healthcare will look like in 2020 | Stephen Klasko | TEDxPhiladelphia

  TEDx Talks (Links to an external site.)

https://youtu.be/esugL07XANg (Links to an external site.)

Metro Renal Case Discussion


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Answer the following questions .  Use the information from the textbook to support your responses and cite page numbers.  Your responses should be between 100-200 words.  I would recommend using a word document to assure appropriate length.  

1.  What are the facts in this case?

2.  What are the management implications of this case?

3.  Is it feasible to keep Sandra and avoid confrontations with the physicians?  Explain why you think so.

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