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discussion- Globalization

Participate in a discussion with your classmates regarding how globalization affects our lives. Recall that globalization refers to the shift toward a more integrated and interdependent world economy. Globalization has several facets, including the globalization of markets and the globalization of production. Therefore, based on the Discussion Rubric requirements, and your research and analysis, post your discussion explaining the trade policies and outcomes that best serve your self-interests, e.g., lower prices for unblemished pest-free flowers, and the trade policies and outcomes that best serve the social interest, e.g., potentially implementing trade restrictions on rose plantations who misuse a toxic mixture of pesticides, fungicides, and fumigants. When posting and sharing your discussion, please include the drivers of globalization concepts and the globalization debate issues as described in the textbook. In addition, reference the four (4) outcomes of globalization, i.e., growth, wages, poverty, and inequality, as highlighted in the research material.The research material for this discussion includes the following two (2) articles:
1.    Refer to the Opening Case titled, “The Rise of Ecuador’s Rose Industry”, on page 241 in the textbook.2.     after opening the Online Library, select the down-arrow option within the Subject Guides Icon; then select the General Studies Option, Search for the following article: The Wealth (and Want) of Nations: The Impact of Economic Globalization on the Developing World. Authors: Haase, Dwight1 Source: Perspectives on Global Development & Technology. 2012, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p38-49. 12p.

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