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Using the college Library, locate and summarize an allied health malpractice or negligence case study. If possible, select your chosen field of study. What went wrong? What workplace safety, risk management, or quality improvement steps were involved? What could have been done differently? If you were in charge of making sure this type of event never occurred again, what steps would you implement into the risk management plan?

You are required to use and cite a minimum of two references from the college Library to support your response.

Responses to the initial Discussion Question, they must contain 150-200 words. Initial responses to the Discussion Questions should address all of the Discussion Question items; they must be substantial and they must include attribution with respect to in text citations and references.

Please ensure that you post your initial DQ response by the due date of the respective DQ. Please be sure that all discussion posts and responses are substantive. They should go farther than simply stating why you agree or not, they should also offer challenging perspectives.

Remember the following: Each participation response must contain 50-200 words. They must not be all questions, they must add challenging perspectives to the discussion.

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