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Discussion 2

There are two part :

1.  Repond to only one of the following questions:

What are a few examples of how diversity influences the workplace?

What benefits can a diverse workforce provide to an organization?

What possible raifications could there be for an organization that does not embrace diversity?

What strategies can mangers implement to enhance cultural awareness and overcome preconceived biases on stereotypes?

Part 2:  Reflect

Recall an experience at work when your perceptions (or someone else's perceptions) were later found to be distorted.  Compose a response that addresses the following points:  Which one of the listed distortion factors most contributed to your situation and what could you have done differently? The following factors distort our perceptions:

a.  Stereotypes - Assign attributes to a group of people

b. Halo effect - Uses one attribute to develop an overall impression of a person or situation

c. Selectiv perception - Defines problems from one's own point of view.

d.  Projection - Assigns personal attributes to others.

e.  Conrast effects - Derive meaning by conrasting it to another recent occurrence.

f.  Self-fulfilling prophecies - Predetermining a situation based on individual experiencesss.

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