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1. Please discuss the different ethical issues surrounding advertising to children. Discuss the social and ethical issues as to whether advertising to children should be permitted. Support your position.

2. You may or may not have had a personal experience like this in some way, but I’m sure that everyone here has at least one product or service that they have ethical concerns about. So, what product or service comes to mind for you that breaches ethics and, why do you think so? 

3. Select a brand that you prefer and visit its website. Please suggest a more effective social media strategy for connecting with current customers and a means of measuring the effectiveness of your strategy. Please give feedback to your classmates on the strategies they have suggested.

4. Let’s start with one of the biggest days for advertising in any year. With Super Bowl ads running several million dollars for a 30-second spot, how might we determine if the ads were effective, can you easily recall one? Why would the concept of recall be so important? 

5. Review each of the four dimension of opportunity management discussed in Chapter 16. Which of these dimensions do you feel you need to work on first? If you improved in the dimension(s) selected, what would the affect be?

6. There are number of resources available for self-improvement and professional development. As a professional sales person, you will need to be at the top of your game. This means continuing to increase your expertise in a number of areas. This term we completed the Communication Style Assessment and we considered the dimensions of opportunity management. What other resources are available to help you continue to grow in your career, both personally and professionally?

7. Are customer complaints something a sales person should fear or is there something to be gained from embracing the complaints?

8. What are some things you, as the sales representative, can do to add value with follow-through and follow-up?

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