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M6 - Class Discussion (Servicescape)

Your initial post in this forum (Post 1) should be made between 12:01 AM Sunday and 11:59 PM Wednesday. Your follow-up post in this forum (Post 2) should be made between 12:01 AM Thursday and 11:59 PM Saturday. Please identify your submission as Post 1 or Post 2 in the subject line. Submitting both posts within their time frame and more than 24 hours prior to their due date will earn a 10% bonus on this assignment.

Post 1

Visit the website for The Library Hotel in New York City. Read the information at this link - http://www.libraryhotel.com/dewey-decimal-system/ - to understand the concept that the hotel was developed around.

If you were staying at this hotel, indicate which two floors/themes you would select from The Library Hotel Room Menu and why. How many times could you stay at this hotel and have a slightly different experience?

A servicescape can differentiate a business. Discuss how does the servicescape for the Library Hotel differentiates it.

Identify and discuss another service business that is a good example of a business differentiating itself through its servicescape. Include an image if possible.

Post 2

Review the replies your peers made in Post 1. Select one of their good examples. Discuss what part(s) of the servicescape you think this business could improve or alter to further improve the service experience.

Describe how the business you are using for your Service Marketing Journal uses or could use its servicescape for each of the following four roles: package, facilitator, socializer, and differentiator.

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