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2-3 paragraphs is needed

The selection of employees is vital to the success of any business because hiring decisions have a lasting effect on morale,productivity—and profitability. Even when you do recruit the right candidates, your company’s organization, culture, and benefits must be successfully managed to retain these workers and maintain a return on investment in their training and development.


1. Discuss retention and recruitment issues as they pertain to replacing a supervisor. 

2. Discuss the options of candidates from within and outside the organization. (List potential recruitment advantages and challenges for each).

3. Which types of interview questions would be most beneficial for hiring the best candidate and why? 

Re-post to students: Do you agree? Or Disagree? Why?  Must include at least one citation to support the argument. 

Use at least 3 citations to support your argument. 

Suggested resources to use for citations: Health Care: How is it Different from "Industry", Umikers Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor, Hiring Matrix

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