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discussion boards

i need someone to do discussion boards. these discussion boards need to be 100 words long and any information used needs to be cited.

1.What are the three biggest problems facing Voice & Video on a digital network? Explain how you might overcome these problems.

2.Security Platform Solutions can come in many forms, and they vary on your configurations, and business needs. What are some of the security platforms that Cisco offers? Give some detail on the platform you mention.

3.What are the goals of Cisco SAFE Architecture? What are some of the benefits of adopting Cisco SAFE Architecture?

4.I assume we are all familiar with the security risks we are trying to deal with when securing a system. We are attempting  to have the system available while maintaining data integrity along with data confidentiality. This is often a balance between the three depending on the needs of the business. My question to you is how do we approach building the Security Policy? What are the recommended steps in creating the policy?

5.Once you identify the overall risk management, the assets you are trying to protect you can breakdown your policy further by focusing on specific areas of risk management such as Network Access control policy. Can anyone identify these risk management areas, and give a brief description of each?

6.The move to Unified Communications remains unabated, and many providers do not even offer the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services). What are some of the events that are driving these changes? Explain your answer.

7.One cannot stress the importance of Voice and Video standards in our networks today. Can anyone tell me what is the standard for Voice and Video? What are some of the features, and benefits of this standard?

8.There are three considerations you can look at to insure quality of service of voice and video in a WAN. Can anyone tell me what those considerations are? Provide a brief explanation of each consideration.

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