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Discussion question

The public is increasingly scrutinizing the ethical and social responsibility congruency between a companyâs public statements, company documents, website, and actions. After watching the video on this subject, and reading the four levels of social responsibility, you will apply ethics and social responsibility concepts to Timâs Coffee Shoppe based on a scenario.

The Economy, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability

First watch the McGraw-Hill video in the Learning Activity regarding ethics and social responsibility.


According to the video, what is the triple bottom line? Could this apply to Timâs?
  • What social responsibilities does Tim's Coffee Shoppe have to the community in which it is located?
  • How can Timâs encourage ethical and sustainable environmental practices at the Coffee Shoppe both by customers, suppliers, and employees?
  • How can Timâs reach level 4 of the social responsibility stages as appears in your Reading?

Respond per your Syllabus guidelines.

ID: AB299-08-09-D

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