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Discussion Questions

Draft a response to each of the bulleted questions below. Each question must have its own response and have a minimum of 75 words.

1.       Explain the behavioral and cognitive approaches to learning. Which is most relevant to training? Explain your answer.

2.       Describe the cognitive and behavioral approaches to learning and their contradictory implications for instructional practices.

3.       Explain the effect of group dynamics on learning and the transfer of training.

4.       List the reasons that learning objectives are a benefit to the trainee, training designer, trainer, and training evaluator.

5.       Describe the advantages a small business has to facilitate the transfer of training.

6.       How would you present training material in a manner that facilitates retention?

7.     Describe why training evaluation is important to the training outcome.

8.     Describe the interrelationships among the various levels of outcome evaluation.

9.     What is the difference between cost-effectiveness evaluation and utility analysis? When, if ever, would you use utility rather than cost-effectiveness? Why?

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