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Discussion questions

1. Discuss how you would use security and application restriction policies on your network to help make it secure.

2. Discuss how the Windows® firewall differs from a hardware firewall. When would you not want to use a Windows®-based firewall?

3.At our organization, we recently decided to enable Windows Firewall on the user desktop.  We currently have firewalls between the Internet and our internal network.  What's the benefit of having a firewall enabled on user desktop PCs as well as at the edge (between the Internet and internal network) of the network?  Does it make sense to implement such additional security measures?

4.This portion of this week's reading talks about how you can secure various resources such as a user's desktop by modifying security policies using GPOs.  At our organization, we make use of this to prevent end users from turning of Windows Firewall on their Windows 7 desktop workstations among other security measures such as to enforce routine installation of security patches provided my Microsoft.  What are some other benefits to configuring security policies on AD?  For those of you with experience with this at your organization, how has your organization made use of security policies on your network?

5. As part of your previous lab assignments, you've been encouraged to use the Windows Server 2012 Powershell to administer Windows Server 2012.  When it comes to creating and managing GPOs, my tool of choice is Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).  While Powershell is very powerful and may be more efficient if you know the command syntax, I've come to appreciate the simplicity of a good Graphical User Interface like GPMC.  What are your thoughts on GPMC vs Powershell for GPO creation and management?

All work needs to have references, if work is copied from the internet it needs to have in text citations. Each one of these questions are exactly that they are questions not a paper. Also each answer to each question needs to be at least a one hundered words long but the answers can be longer if needed to answer the question.

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