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Discussion questions

1. Choose a key moment in the biblical history of the Jewish people. How does this moment relate to the main religious beliefs of the Jewish faith?

2. What pressures and discrimination have Jews faced over their history? What effects has this had on the community as a whole?

3. What would be required of a faithful follower of Christianity? How would this change depending on the denomination one follows?

4. How did Jesus differ from other teachers of his day?

5. What stereotypes and challenges have present-day Muslims faced since September 11th?

6. Islam means, at its root, "surrender". How does Islamic belief and practice reflect the importance of surrendering to Allah?

7. Are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam fundamentally similar and only superficially different? Are they fundamentally different and only superficially similar? Explain your reasons.

8. What threats do the Western religious traditions face in a more secular world? How are they coping with these threats?

9. How would you compare the roles of women in the three traditions both historically and today?

Answer each question in 200 or less words

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