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Discussion Questions

Answer all questions with at least 4-5 sentences. 

1) Discuss your exposure to African American History in your kindergarten years through high school graduation.  Explain whether you believe the instruction provided was sufficient or lacking and why.

2)  Consider W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington's stance on the best way for African Americans to improve their conditions.  Which individual's agenda do you agree with and why?

3)  Consider Ida B. Wells and her anti-lynching campaign.  Are there any similarities between her campaign and the present day "Black Lives Matter" movement.  Please discuss in detail.

4)  After reading segments of "Birth of a Nation," explain why you believed a movie was produced on the life of Nat Turner by the same title. 

5) Post your thesis statement for your research paper on Verda Freedom Welcome.

6) After viewing the Jim Crow Museum, consider how racial stereotypes have persisted throughout American History.  Consider the role that the media plays in perpetuating racial stereotypes particularly negative stereotypes that denigrate African Americans.  Consider rap music, the lyrics, the culture.  What role do they play in illuminating and celebrating ignorance and negativity?

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