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discussion questions

1. Do you think corporations pay their fair share of taxes? Why or why not? What are the consequences of raising corporate taxes?.

 2. What part does politics play in forming and implementing these policies? Do you think politics should play any part in decisions that personally affect you? Provide some examples of how you have been affected by different public policies

3. Describe where federal agencies receive their authority to make rules and how Congress affects federal regulations. How is the judicial process involved in interpreting statutes and regulations?

4. Review the Hatch Act of 1939.  Is it fair to ban federal employees from participating in the political process? Why or why not? Do you think the Hatch Act is adequate to protect the workers and the government, or have changes in society created the need for a revision? 

5.How have medical care costs affected government spending? What are entitlements and how are they created?

6. How does American domestic policy influence American foreign policy? Does American foreign policy affect participation in politics here at home? Provide examples. 

150 to 300 words per question

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