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Discussion Responce

Discussion 1 

As most of my classmates have concluded, I am in agreement time is the most critical constraint to this projects success.

2. In fact, time is so critical the CIO Fadil Abadi suggests leveraging a existing solution known as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Adopting a application that already utilizes industry best practices would allow CIC to quickly roll out a new hiring system solution. Quick deployment would allow CIC to meet its growing contract demands. In addition, because CIC does NOT have a large software development team they would be unable to meet time/schedule demands if CIC attempted to develop the solution internally.

3. As discussed above, the best solution to ensure CIC meets time constraints imposed by contracts schedules would be to adopt a SaaS or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution. I know from personal experience that developing new software is a VERY time consuming process that can take years to design, develop, and test new software. That doesn't even include the additional effort required to maintain the software. Again, from personal experience, our project leverages a large number of COTS products, without doing this it would be impossible to meet contract deadlines. 

Discussion 2 

A constraint that I view as one of the most important for the project of implementing an enterprise hiring system for CIC is the schedule/time constraint. CIC is on a time crunch to get an automated system in place to assist with the hiring process to secure staff for pending contracts and future contracts. The development of the hiring system will create an automated process, relieving a great deal of the work load, being completed manually. If the project is rushed and does not allow for enough time to design, develop and test the system to move it to the implementation phase, the other two constraints will be affected.

The amount of time needed to develop a proper automated system to help relieve the manual pressures of the organization, must have all the functionality of being able to receive applications and resumes to sorting and matching them for appropriate openings. Additionally, the system will need to allow for a scheduling system for all parties involved in the hiring process to access. The design, development and testing of the system will take time to ensure it incorporates all the needs of the organization before it can be implemented.

To assist in staying on schedule to implement the hiring system to meet the growing demands of CIC, it will be important to create a team of individuals including users within the organization to provide input to the needs of the system. It will be important to work with individuals developing the system to be as accurate as possible with the design and development. By gathering as much information on the front end of the project, the expectation is the project stays on schedule to help limit the cost and assist in the overall quality of the hiring system.

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