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Note: I need answer for the discussion questions below. Must support your each answer with 2-3 credible sources cited in APA. Must provide 100% original Answer.

Discussion 1 (250 words with supporting credible 2-3 references in APA)

Discuss the importance of probability, consequences and the likelihood of the consequences using the risk management matrix. Fully explain the importance of risk management process, and how you would establish priorities in the process?

Discussion 2 (250 words with supporting credible 2-3 references in APA)

From a security management‘s perspective, explain in detail the importance of an access control system and outline what specific features would you employ on your integrated access control system  and why you would include them? Also identify what biometric security applications you would use at your facility and how you would determine what areas should have biometric applications. Be detailed.

Exam questions (75-100 words EACH with supporting credible 1-2 references in APA)

1.       Broadly discuss the concept of security and traditional security approaches.

2.       What are some of the primary differences between public and private sectors in the context of security?

3.       What role does the SWOT analysis play in the risk assessment process?

4.       Fully explain the importance of security metrics and performance management.

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