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Prepare a written response to the video, Disconnected. Your response should be approximately 400 words and should cover the following questions. Please upload your completed file to the dropbox in eLearn.

  • Relative to the movie, is there a character you most identify with? Why, or why not?* strong desire to win because she took the laptop in a closet. Make it hard to reach. * happy with result and what she accomplished. * she drafted every obstacle and never gave up. 
  • Do you think Chel cheated? Yes he did on day 17
  • Do you think Andrew cheated? Yes he did in his 3rd week.
  • Would you be willing to do go "computerless"?
  • How long do you think you could commit to?
  • What modifications would you have to make for school?
  • What modifications would you have to make for socializing?
  • How would this affect others?
  • What things could you get done?
  • If you did this project today, what would be different?
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