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You are the President of the Unites States of America. You must now debate the extremely "hot" topic of how you plan to “fix” affordable health care Act. You are expected to submit recommendations or changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will NOT hurt the working middle class (specifically) who have and can afford good health care insurance. Address the following:

• What are the major ACA changes will you make/or repeal and why? (Discuss at minimum 3 items)

• Should there be a two-tier or even three-tier health care insurance difference or other service options? How would that work? 

• Why should the middle income family pay more [through taxes or income based insurance rates] for the same healthcare service received by low/no-income families?

Explore this topic only as it pertains to healthcare costs and services between low and middle income families. Use citations to support your position. Remember, the repeal of the ACA was one of the main promises made reasons during your campaign. Good Luck! The Voters and your Secretary of Education [me!] await your response!

APA format

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