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Dominant impression English 1010

A. Dominant Impression: Whatis the feeling or mood you are trying to create in your work? Whatfeeling do you want the audience, your readers, to feel as they arereading your work?  I would urge you to be more specific than "happy,sad, or excited"--those aren't very specific feelings.  In Journal entry4A, briefly describe that dominant impression. (Keep this dominantimpression in mind; you’ll want to match this dominant impression to thetask required for the rest of this journal entry.)

Here is a rough draft of my writing.  I need help with a dominant impression.  Thanks.

It was a cold dark morning as we headed up to Unit 45 for mybig elk hunt.  I was so excited since Ihad never drawn a tag before.  We wereonly about 20 minutes into our drive when I realized that my ex-husband hadbeen drinking since we started driving. I told him to pull over so that I could driveand he refused and before I knew it we had run into another vehicle.  I remember vividly seeing our car move into theoncoming traffic. He hit there rear axle and took the whole rear off.  I remember looking through the frontwindshield thinking this was the last time I would ever look through a frontwindshield.  My life flashed before myeyes.  All I could think about were mychildren, my daughter who was 8 months old at the time and my unborn child inmy tummy.  We finally stopped rolling andI could not get out of the truck the doors were probably locked and I was insuch shock that I could not unlock them. Thank god the window was broken and so I crawled through putting a gashin my arm from the broken glass.  Ourfriend could not get out of the back seat and all I could hear in the distancewas someone screaming for help, but still could not see since it was stillearly morning about 5:45 am.  We neededto be up there early so that we could get a good lookout spot for an elk.  I was ready to shoot this elk with my 7mm-08,which was ultimately broken over his back. I just remember the air being crisp and cold.  It felt like an eternity waiting for theambulance to get to the site of the accident. There were 3 of us needing to be transported by ambulance so they had tocall the next town over to come pick the last two of us up.  My ex-husband was taken in the first onesince he had been ejected through the front windshield and had an extensivehead injury and come to find out later a broken collar bone.  We got to the hospital and the only injurythat I had ultimately was my gash on my arm. They wanted to take x-rays of me to make sure nothing was broken and Isaid no since I was pregnant.  They didscan my brain (CT scan), and everything looked normal.  I just remember the look on my parents facewhen they got to the hospital as if they were looking at a ghost they couldhave lost me.  I just started crying whenI got to hold my 8 month old daughter. She could have lost her mother that day.

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