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Don Levine Corporation is considering adding an additional plant to its three existing facilities in Decatur, Minneapolis, and Carbondale. Both St....

Elizabeth Bailey is the owner and general manager of Princess Brides, which provides a wedding planning service in Southwest Louisiana. She uses radio advertising to market her business. Two types of ads are available -- those during prime time hours and those at other times. Each prime time ad costs $390 and reaches 8,250 people, while the offpeak ads each cost $240 and reach 5,100 people. Bailey has budgeted $1,800 per week for advertising. Based on comments from her customers, Bailey wants to have at least 2 prime time ads and no more than 6 off peak ads.Solve this using solver as an integer programming problem, forcing the answers to be integers. (Interesting note: If you solve this as a regular LP problem and then round the answers, you would get incorrect results.)d

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