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Identify at least two other student who have a contrasting opinion of you posted regarding Beth’s promotion. RESPECTFULLY, respond to their post as to why you feel a concept they’ve provided as support does not fit the situation described in the case study. Each response post should be a minimum of 75 words. While only a minimum of two replies are required, students are encouraged to carry on the conversation beyond just one initial post and two response post. Historically, students who participate in the discussion board more than others, maximize their learning experience. A good example of “carrying on the conversation” is by responding to students who have asked probing questions of your own initial post.


After reading the case study, I feel like Haslina comments about her co-worker Beth can come out as degrading. If Beth is a hard worker and committed she deserves positive energy toward her. I think Beth receiving a promotion shouldn’t be such an issue, if she condones the right leadership skills and employees listen to her as stated in the case study a promotion will be the right thing to do. It seems like Haslina is jealous of the accomplishments Beth is acquiring. After reading the chapter the section that explains the intergroup conflict is a good example of what is occurring in the case study.

When organizations exert pressure on employees, communication among peers (lateral communication) tends to increase. Concurrently, communications between different levels of management (vertical communication) tend to decrease. Personal differences among group members are minimized when presented with the threat of a common danger such as a tough supervisor. At the end of the day if you are a hard worker to deserve what you deserve and employees should be happy for others who deserve a promotion. 


 Everyone has a fair shot at getting promoted or emerging to a higher status. Beth was one of the three organizers that help organized the potluck luncheon. She was promoted as an informal leader because she was the most qualified due to her skills and outstanding performance portrayed. Beth probably was one of those individuals who were willing to put in a little more effort and rarely complained but instead voiced it. Although it was stated she doesn’t take direction very well, Beth has that leadership characteristic. She has the ability to gather her workers, lead them to success and grasp their attention where they are listening.

            As stated earlier, Beth emerged as an informal leader. An informal leader satisfy complex needs, offer emotional support, help shape personal identities, and assist in meeting personal goals (Fallon, Begun & Riley, 2013). Also, as a leader some kind of power or authority must be presented.  Authority refers to legitimate power—power that is viewed as appropriate by the individual who holds power and by those subject to the power (Fallon, Begun & Riley, 2013). You get promoted because you are a leader and that is what happened to Beth.

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