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Dr. Woz and Dr. Yaz

Dr. Woz and Dr. Yaz want to test whether violent video games have an effect on aggressive thinking. In order to test aggressive thinking, Woz and Yaz are going to use a test developed at GTA University; scores greater than 70 on the test indicate agreement with statements that endorse aggressive behavior. They select a sample of n = 100 children from a local primary school for the study. Each of the students spends an hour playing a first-person shooter-type video game and then takes the test. The mean and standard deviation for the sample is M = 73 and s = 20. Woz and Yaz would like to know if the sample mean of 73 is statistically significantly different from 70 using a two-tailed test with α < .05 and critical values of t of ±1.98.

What is the null hypothesis for this test? H0: µ =

What is the estimated standard error for this test?

Calculate the value of t (round to two decimal places, if necessary)

Do you accept or reject the null hypothesis? 

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