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Draft 1

this assignment is related a subject I picked from the beggining of the semester (Safety in Aviation Transportation). there are 2 papers done about the same subject, they are both attached in attachments if it may help for some informations. 

Rubric is attached in attachments as well.


Prof. Instructions:

Persuasive Research Essay: Assignment Description

 The purpose of the paper is to strengthen your argumentative and research skills. To successfully complete this essay, you will need to provide context for your argument, explore your argument and the counter point in-depth, and present a clear, viable solution to the problem you are addressing. This paper should include new research to directly support your ideas and the sources should be documented in MLA parenthetical citations and a works cited page. Please make sure to use your sources only when necessary, keeping the focus of the essay on you and your ideas. You should also employ the techniques we worked on this semester to create a convincing and successful essay by assuring you have clear claims and reasons as well as a balanced appeal based on the Rhetorical Triangle. You also need to find a way to address the reader’s potential concerns or opposition to the your position without interrupting the flow of your essay of losing the reader’s attention. Please remember to “hook” the reader using engaging language, narrative or personal connections—if they apply— and any other technique that you think will be effective Also, use all the tools from Stasis and Toulmin to help make you argument even stronger (Ex: definition, values, assumptions to address your target audience). Finally, make sure you have a clear thesis and strong conclusion for the essay. Your tone should be engaging, but formal and authoritative. Remember, you are the resident expert on your topic and you should write like it. 

 Requirements for Draft 1

5- Pages Long


12 point Times New Roman Font

4-6 Sources

MLA Internal Citations and Works Cited Page

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